Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stockholming Myself

I've started the Stockholming Project as seen on
Go here if you are interested.
Here is a little backstory about why I'm doing it. Back in high school I was very active: bicycling, roller blading, walking home from school most days, camping and hiking with the scouts, etcetera. I weighed around 130 pounds and although I was skinny, I did have some muscular definition. After graduating, starting to work full time, and moving out of my parent's house I discovered some things. TV is much better with cable and without parental supervision, video games are much more fun with a fast computer, and the Internet is more than just email. This led to spending more free time inside, but with a labor-intensive warehouse job I still managed to stay at around 125 pounds. Over the next few years I continued to spend more and more free time inside, and after a few promotions at work I got into an office/desk job. I am currently at 120 pounds. Wanting to get back into an active lifestyle, and getting some of my physique back has been in the back of my mind for a little while, and two recent occurrences have prompted me to take action. First, the Stockholming Project made me really look at my whole body in the mirror for the first time in a long time. Second, my SO and I were at his sister and her husband's apartment for a little birthday party for their kid. We were playing the new Super Mario Bros for the Wii, and my niece was leaning against my shoulder when she said that my shoulder wasn't a very good pillow. It was a funny little comment from a tired kid, but it did stick in that place at the back of my mind with the Stockholming Project. So now I have an exercise plan: upper body on Monday, Wednesday, Friday; lower body on Tuesday and Thursday; and bicycling on Saturday and Sunday. This may all sound vain and 10 pounds may not sound like much, but that was 7.69% of my original weight.      


  1. My son has the same issues as you - he's extremely lean and just can't seem to put on muscle/body mass. I offered to trade metabolisms with him but he wouldn't go for it. As well as exercise make sure you're eating well, and regularly too!

  2. Yeah, diet shouldn't be too much of a problem for me. I had 2 kidney stones about a year ago, and the pain medication also messed with my digestion. Since then I've been much more careful of my diet. Cut soda down to occasionally, healthier snacks and meals, careful timing of meals, etcetera.